Logistics with care

VG-Trans Oy is a Naantali-based transport company, specialized in circular economy. We carry eg. recycling materials and biofuels together with our partners.

Our vehicles

Our fleet of  vehicles consists of modern, low-emission Euro 6 vehicles. We also have a wide range of other work vehicles suited for a vast array of tasks. Read more

We offer versatile transportation services in Southern Finland. We also collect and transport used cooking oils from restaurants for further processing and reuse. Read more

VG-Trans collects used cooking oils from restaurants all over Finland. The waste oils are produced to biofuel for Meriaura Group’s ships. Recycling your waste oils with us is a climate action!

Part of Meriaura Group

VG-Trans is part of Meriaura Group, that is a family owned business group with a vision to be a pioneer in environmentally friendly transport and its development. The companies in the group form a diverse portfolio of logistics, energy, and energy logistics. Read more

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