Collection of used cooking oils

VG-Trans collects used cooking oils from restaurants all over Finland. The waste oils are produced to biofuel for Meriaura Group’s ships. Recycling your waste oils with us is a climate action!

VG-Trans collects and transports used cooking oils from restaurants all over Finland. The oils are supplied to our sister company VG EcoFuel, which produces the waste oils into biofuel for Meriaura’s vessels. VG EcoFuel’s collection points can be found for example in wholesale outlets. We have made recycling for users as easy as possible: collection points are where the oils are purchased, and you can return the oils in their purchase package to the collection points without having to transfer them from one container to another.

We can also deliver your own bin directly to your restaurant. When the container is full we will pick it up and replace the empty container. It saves you a lot of trouble and the waste oils will be reused for a good purpose; replacing fossil fuels in a ships tank!

Order a collection bin to your restaurant! Contact Tero for more information 0400 540 093