Part of Meriaura Group

"Our vision is to be in the frontline of developing sustainable logistics"

VG-Trans was founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs, Tero Tavio and Jussi Mälkiä. VG-Trans is specialized in the transports for circular economy. We mostly carry recycled materials, like recycled metals and biofuels. We also collect the raw material, i.e. used cooking oils from restaurants to be further processed for biofuels.

VG-Trans is an affiliate of Meriaura Group that is a family owned business group with a vision to be in the frontline in developing sustainable shipping and logistics. Meriaura Group offers a variety of services in marine transportation, crew and technical management services, logistical solutions and environmental technology.  Other affiliates in the group are Meriaura, VG-Shipping, Aura Mare, EcoPorts Finland, VG EcoFuel, Biolinja and Sybimar.

Our values

We value flexibility and cost efficiency in our business. We want our customers to save money and time by providing them with good, swift and professional customer-driven service. We strive for long-term partnerships and believe that constant innovation is beneficial for us all. We are continually improving our services and want our customers to be a part of this process.

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